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How Do I Increase Occupancy?

I did and I really want to show you how you can do it too. The assignments are designed to establish success. Step by step you will get closer to your desired business goal. Your first assignment "The 4 Growth Opportunies" is step number 1.

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How Do I Gain Regular Guests?

I love this questions! You will receive very creative gadgets to make your guests want to come back. Your guests will even recommend your business with pleasure.

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How Do I Receive Awesome Feedback?

You will obtain fantastic feedback by following 10 simple steps. There are elements to this which are clearly not rocket science.  

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These Are All Common Questions - I answer them all for you

Let's have a look at questions where the right answers / strategies will make your business shine like a star.

Being The Best Hotel In Town -> leads to an effective income increase which will provide financial flexibility to spend more time with your family & friends.

How Do I Become The Best Hotel In Town?

If you are eager to become the best hotel/B&B/Motel/Apart. in your town - you need to prove it. It is necessary to go the extra mile. In addition, you will have a map to walk the right path. 

How Do I Differentiate Myself From My Competitors?

Your competitors will look up to you and try to imitate your management style. The transformation will start as soon as you complete your assignments.

What Is The Best Marketing Strategy For My Accommodation?

The "Best Marketing Strategy" to increase your brand awareness -> is the combination of various Marketing Strategies! There are many that seemingly fit together. I will show you the ones which will have the biggest impact on your business.   

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